New mono brand store in Antwerp

September 18 2017

Yesterday was yet another great day for ARTU NAPOLI. After hard work we opened up our fifth mono brand store in the Benelux.

"Master in Cocktails" Mr. Dyan Tjon realized our own festive Signature Drink, the Buttered Rum. Winking towards the warm atmosphere of our new Autumn / Winter collection...

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  • Artu Napoli's favourite

    BOIS 1920

    A collection of twenty-three, exclusive, timeless fragrances. Each creation is an alchemy, unique in its sensations, born out of an ancient perfume culture, which is centered on the excellence of raw materials for...

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  • Introducing...

    Luxury Sport

    Our blue label refers to casual clothing designed to be worn for exercising and general use. It' s definitely not just for the gym. Once upon a time there was "Casual Friday." Now, it's more like casual 24/7. In cities and villages, country-to-coast, for both men and women, you see it not just on the street but also in offices.

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  • Bois 1920

    Oro 1920 “Oro Limited Edition”

    Numbered version, 24K gold plated, with leather case A firm and deep fragrance, partially obscure and for that magnetic. Available at € 600 eur. Click here to buy

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Artu Napoli stands for authenticity, quality and experience. Our shops are the home of timeless collections, personal service and a distinctive ambiance. Running an Artu Napoli shop is synonymous with relaxation and free entrepreneurship. We believe in dialogue. Do business your way and let us help you find – practical - solutions.

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  • Mono Brand


    "Warm attention for sincerity, interest and hospitality. These values are reflected in the collection, the shop and in the staff."

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  • Mono Brand


    "Happily, we have now left the time of quick selling and short-term thinking behind us".

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  • Mono Brand


    "It just happens to be a franchise business, but it doesn't feel like it to me. There are guidelines, but there is even more freedom."

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  • Mono Brand


    "No hysterical sales antics and tricks, just simply from fashion lover to guest."

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