Introduction to Artu Napoli Antwerp


At the age of just twenty-five, Muyesser Ekiz is without doubt the youngest Artu Napoli floor manager so far. With her enthusiasm, drive and professional attitude, the brand new store in Antwerp is off to a flying start. Customers receive maximum attention and time and in the interim period staff put together the most beautiful combinations. Because nobody leaves the property in Kloosterstraat without a good feeling.

The unique Kloosterstraat is situated between the trendy 't Zuid district and the ever-vibrant centre of Antwerp. This stimulating and stylish shopping street is bursting with vintage interior stores, antique dealers, concept stores and lots of cafes and restaurants. A perfect place for the latest Artu Napoli addition.


Muyesser runs the store, which was opened after a thorough renovation at the end of September 2017. She was introduced to Artu Napoli in a unique way by regularly modelling the brand. This gave her in-depth knowledge about the brand owners and their clothes. Muyesser: "The men knew I had ambitions to fulfil a management position and that I had the necessary work experience in retail. Add to that my passion for hospitality and the first brainstorming session was scheduled."

Antwerp is a fashionable city. The store welcomes stylish people from every corner of the globe. Muyesser: "I get people from the Netherlands who already know the brand – true ambassadors –but also many Belgians and day tourists who feel attracted to the unique character of the Kloosterstraat. To their surprise they come across this Artu Napoli store. Everyone leaves the store with a good feeling and at least one beautiful item."


On the question of how she intends to reach her new customers, Muyesser replies that she does not use any tricks. "The brand speaks for itself. I attract loyal customers to Artu Napoli and to the store by taking time for them. I want to meet my customers. It's all about personal contact. Customers keep coming back because they like wearing the clothes and feel comfortable in your store. And that's exactly what Artu Napoli offers them."

Now that the thrill of the first few weeks of opening has passed, Muyesser has time to look ahead. The fact is that a vacancy already exists for a sales assistant. "A busy store must not affect the personal attention I want to give to my customers. Obviously, I am personally responsible for hiring an employee. I am given a lot of freedom in this by the brand owners. I keep them well informed, but do work in my own way. That suits us perfectly."

Muyesser has only one goal from now on: "Receiving many new and existing customers. Add coffee or wine, select beautiful items and send people home with a good feeling. So that they can be received just as warmly next time. I'm excited!"

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