Artu Napoli

Spring/Summer Collection 2018 

Let the Spring-Summer collection of Artu Napoli take you on a new adventure. Discover life’s pleasures and follow paths characterised by passion, lightness and harmony. Traditions and inspirations from unknown worlds come together and result in a dynamic and modern collection. Look at the colours and feel the preciousness. The sun takes care of the rest. 



A new season, a new perception. Adventure and refinement will surprise you. Look for your limits; put your experiences away in your backpack where they will remain until they develop into lessons in living that demand further exploration. Intense, simple, brave, opaque and shining. Life is good!



Soft and comfortable and recognisable features that once again characterise this collection. Precious fabrics accentuate the male body in exactly the right places. Natural exquisite fibres provide the texture of the items with an extra boost. Vital colours, such as white, silver, soft yellow and olive & bottle green, make the harmony complete.



Combine your favourite tops (a bottle green, soft yellow or white polo) with timeless shorts. How about combining a finely striped pullover with a lively coloured shirt? Wear a chino of the softest cotton under it. For cooler evenings, you easily put on a comfortable and elegant vest or a lightweight and stylish jack. Mix casual with sophisticated and let the details do their work.

Because each day is different, alternate between casual and classy basics. A collection with a small number of twists suitable for every occasion, but mainly intended to look great.