how we treat our partners

the formula

Artu Napoli stands for authenticity, quality and experience. Our shops are the home of timeless collections, personal service and a distinctive ambiance. Running an Artu Napoli shop is synonymous with relaxation and free entrepreneurship. We believe in dialogue. Do business your way and let us help you find – practical - solutions.



The location of the shop is the paramount factor. It makes the difference between success and failure. Potential franchise-holders occasionally propose a place. We jointly study the feasibility of the envisaged success. We also have a number of extremely promising cities and coastal resorts in mind.



Artu Napoli stands for exclusivity. This applies not only to the clothing, but also to the number of sales outlets. The franchise-holder has exclusivity as a vendor of Artu Napoli clothing in a certain region or specific city. We also have a maximum number of multi-brand outlets where our clothing is sold.



Our strength lies in our non-logo principle. The visual distinctiveness is due to the high degree of quality, the fabrics, the colours and the classic look. We let the product speak for itself. Our reputation and customer base are growing due to old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising.



We listen carefully to our franchise-holders. If a franchisee needs a key-ready delivery, we can take care of it. For example, finding the correct location, devising a shop design and furnishing the premises, to hanging the collection, the display section and the production of, for example, stickers. And we also support our franchise-holders with the calculation of turnover figures, the intended growth and the appropriate number of pieces to be sold in order to achieve this goal.

Contact us if you are interested to franchise an Artu Napoli Mono Brand Store.