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Let your clothes speak for yourself

In 2012, Richard Rijnbeek made his first acquaintance with Artu Napoli. He fell in love with the stylish quality brand and not long afterwards he opened the doors of his own shop in the centre of Breda. He is sensitive to service, is critical and in no time he puts his customers at ease. This entrepreneur knows what a customer wants and is not afraid to expose himself.

In 2012, Richard visited an Artu Napoli brand store for the first time. "The atmosphere in the shop, the cut and style of the clothing and the enthusiasm of the Artu Napoli shop owner made me leave the shop a satisfied customer. That experience has always remained with me." Because it was time for Richard to make a change in his career, he carries out surveys for the brand and its customers. It was soon apparent that there are a lot of Artu Napoli fans and that the customers are in the middle of a higher segment. After an initial acquaintance with Artu Napoli's  positive owners, the need for a brand store in Breda became apparent. Six months later the shop in the Wilhelminastraat was established.

Fashion is...

... reinforcing your personality. "In my experience, fashion expresses who you are. I am keen to show customers what clothing can do for you. I play with fabrics and colours, but I am also critical where necessary. And with the Artu Napoli collection, you are always well dressed without being under or overdressed. Real Italian craftsmanship which stands for: beauty, passion, elegance and charisma. The right outfit contributes to your self-assurance and your success."

Warm attention

The shop in Breda is a low-threshold, atmospheric space. "I make sure that my wife Annette and I are in the shop together as much as possible. We attach a lot of importance to looking for a click with the customers. Discussions may go deeper than just about the weather and the holidays, but only if the customer feels comfortable of course. Warm attention is about for sincerity, interest and hospitality. These values are reflected in the collection, the shop and in the staff."

Endless combinations

The great power of Artu Napoli is the total collection that the shop offers. All items are sober chic and match each other well. This makes combining very easy. "That makes Artu Napoli so suitable. The great advantage of a mono-brand store is of course that the entire collection is in the shop. I have one purchasing address, so those lines are short."

The entrepreneurial feeling

What makes someone suitable for the role of an Artu Napoli franchise entrepreneur? "The qualities that an Artu Napoli franchiser needs to have, also apply for every retailer. Go for it, be open and honest with yourself and with others. At Artu Napoli I feel free to carry out entrepreneurship in my own way and that is all-important."

"Warm attention for sincerity, interest and hospitality. These values are reflected in the collection, the shop and in the staff."


Store info

Wilhelminastraat 10
4818 SG Breda
t: +31(0)76 5200 718

Monday closed
Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00
Thursday 10:00 - 18:00
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00
Sunday 13:00 - 17:00

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